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The (Other) Meaning of Life


    Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden  (Detail)  
Peter Wenzel (1745-1829)
The humorous and ribald story of creation as found between the lines of the first three chapters of Genesis.

Genre: Comedy
Length: Two Acts approximately one and three-quarter hours
Number of Characters: 6 (see script for details)
Audience: Mature Adult situations, language

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                                         and producers




Dr Chee The War of the Words


photo credit: Singapore Democratic Party

Dr Chee receives a mock trial by Alice in Wonderland characters and is sent to prison for violating a Singapore law that prohibits speaking in public without a permit.

Genre: Theatre for human rights (satire/parody)
Length: One act approximately 30 minutes
Number of Characters: 9 (see script for details)
Audience: Mature due to thematic content

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