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                                                                                        The Ideal Education System Series
                                                       Learning Oriented Education –– An Introduction
23 Aug 2012


Current proposals for public school education are far too narrowly focused and wrongheaded to address the real problems in our public school systems. Worse, current “solutions” tend to perpetuate a model that guarantees the failure of a large number of students.  Like the flu, we end up treating the symptoms rather than the causes of student dissatisfaction. Current solutions like No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and the national Common Core curriculum (I call it the CCC), in conjunction with assessment testing, and so-called accountability standards, have only worsened the problems. Today, these new "solutions" are stirring up a hornet's nest of backlash among teachers, parents, and school administrators themselves.

In a nutshell, the focus in current public school systems is on teaching, rather than learning.

When I say "teaching," I am not referring to the efforts of the teachers - which for the most part have been superhuman - but on a curricula that is imposed on uninterested students in a top-down fashion by local, state, and federal departments of education using teachers under contract as their proxies.

But solutions to most of the problems in our public school systems today require exactly the opposite approach. We need an individually designed, self-paced and gradeless  (not subject grades, but year in grade) learning experience that allows a student to explore a subject in depth, and with help from their teachers learn to master the skills necessary to solve problems related to subjects of THEIR interest.

We need to have schools provide more opportunities for students to focus on process – learning to make informed decisions, learning to get along with others and with their own selves, learning to solve problems,  and learning to take care of themselves both physically and emotionally. If kids discover how to do these things early and throughout their public school educations, subject matter will be learned much more quickly and easily.

Finally, we need to make our public schools a focal point in the community. One where kids would rather go than anywhere else. A place where they know they can find people to help them solve their problems - any problems - at any time of the night or day, 365 days a year.

My essay on this subject, which you can access by clicking on the button above, contains some of my most important proposals.

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