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Intro: Is the subtitle of a book by David Epstein titled "Range". Epstein's book  covers this theme in depth with many examples to show how people with broad interests find it much easier to excel at their activities of choice, even more so than people who have spent their whole lives specializing in just one. This is a must read if you are raising kids and one of your goals for them is to be really good at "something". One of the most important criteria for "success" in this aspiration is to let the student do the choosing. Our job as parents is to expose them to as much of the world as we possibly can so that they have a plethora of activities to choose from. ... (read more)

Intro: What is the best winning political strategy for Republican members of Congress right now? The question each of them needs to answer for themselves  is: How should I respond to Trump's current behavior in light of his loss to Joe Biden in the presidential election? There are a few possibilities, none of them have good outcomes, so the members are forced to choose the outcome which has the least negative consequences... (read more)

Dear Reader,

Wecome to this site. We have been around for a number of years, but have not been actively updating this site for the past four. That is about to change.

We have moved to a new server type under the auspices of the same provider. This means that some of the old code is bound to break. We will be fixing that in the coming weeks, so if you see some odd typographical errors, or encounter inactive links, be assured that we will be addressing these problems within the next few weeks.

For those of you who are technically inclined we will be using CSS based formating instead of the ad hoc approach we got from the authoring tools that we used in the past. Most of the improvements, however, will be invisible to the reader.

As far as content goes, we will be adding a lot more "Exposition" under the page heading of "Commentary". Most of our commentary has appeared on Facebook as of late, and that will now appear here in lieu of Facebook posts.

We will be setting up an associated WordPress site for reader comments in the coming weeks. The "Comments" section on this site has been inactivated for some time due to a plethora of spam.

We hope that you enjoy reading what we have to offer as much as we enjoy writng it.

Warmest regards,